Knights of Columbus Council #8891
Knights of Columbus Council #8891

In Memory of Our Fallen Brothers

O God, the bestower of forgiveness and the lover of human salvation, we beseech Thee, of Thy tender love, to grant that the brethren of our congregation, with their relatives and benefactors, who have passed out of this life, may, by the intercession of Blessed Mary, ever Virgin, and all thy saints, come to the fellowship of eternal bliss. Through Christ our Lord. Amen



Paul V King   Gilbert  Wheeler  
Thomas R Doyle   James W Allman Jr.
John J Derksen   Anthony C Butta
William L Nine Sr.   David M Yakacki
George J Podhorniak   James F Derksen
Edward F Beihl   Charles C Hooper Jr.
Jimmie G Kirkendall   John F Klinke
William S Dix   John L Itzoe
Willard F Woodburn   William E Venanzi
James K Guerin   Cecil W Webster
Primo J Schelfe   Michael  Tirpak
Fr. Robert  Kobularik   William C Krichten
Michael J Stefano   George D Webster
David F Mc Cann   Kevin L Kayda
James H Geroux   Melvin J Pryor
Stanley J Starr   Dominick J Pennella
Robert B Farrell   Thomas B Trimble
Donald R Schwarz   Edward P Patton
George W Saxon   Dennis S Cipko
Leonard H Fleischmann   William  Talaber Jr.
Peter W Scully Sr.   Richard A Snellinger
John D Holtz   Steven J Casserly
George T Gennity   Fr. Paul  Theisz
Thomas C Lombardo   Robert P Hamilton
Eugene A Shilko   Albert J Borys
Frank J Decarlo   William R Casseday
Charles G Stoecker   Richard M Farrell
Paul George Serio   Charles F Hickey
Charles J Uzel   Dr. Donald B Lurie
Eugene P Kornak, Sr.   Gerald Jacque
Joseph Allulis   Francis Bodani
Charles Shughrue   Richard Cain



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