Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA. "#8891 Rocks!"
Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA."#8891 Rocks!"

Respect For Life Report



2020 has been one heck of a year. It's one I'll always remember, but not one I want to repeat.  Herewith, a few end-of-year notes related to PRO-LIFE.


- Thank you, Brothers, for your continued support of Pro-Life activities. 8891 really does "ROCK" in this arena.  Your spiritual, moral, and financial support of all things Pro-Life is second to none.

- The National Right to Life March is still scheduled to go on, but we have opted not to hire a bus to Washington this year. It just seemed the prudent thing to do. Some might go down on their own. My sense is that, I personally, won’t make that decision until we get closer to January 29.

- Closer to home, Planned Parenthood is still up and running. It was never shut down, maybe because it was considered by our government to be a "life sustaining" enterprise. We will continue to have an all-day presence in front of PP on the Wednesday and Friday, abortion days. Additionally, there will be prayer warriors there for much  of the day on Tuesdays.  Stop by.  We'll get you a cup of 
coffee and some munchies.

On Dec 23, a group of about 25 sang Christmas carols across the street from Planned Parenthood/York. One man brought his portable keyboard, and another his accordion. We had cookies, hot chocolate, and warm apple cider. It went well and was well received by everyone within ear shot.

Additionally, the Pope on Dec 27 announced an upcoming "Year of the Family" to begin on the Feast  of St. Josephon March 19.  Additional information on this topic will be provided in next month’s KE.





Happy New Year Brothers!


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