Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA. "#8891 Rocks!"
Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA."#8891 Rocks!"

Respect For Life Report



COVID-19 still has much of society in a funk. We'll work through this. We'll get  back  to  the  Respect  Life  Rosary and  Rachel's  Vineyard  Retreats  for post
abortive men and women. Through it all, Planned Parenthood has stepped up their abortions.

We have once again signed up to champion a fall 40 Days For Life Campaign. It will begin on Sep. 23rd and run through Nov 1st. Participation by Knights and their wives has  been  good. Consider joining us for one hour a week and make it even better.

A young lady we met turned away from PP and decided to keep her baby. She has the moral support of her mother and will continue to live with her mother after the baby is born. We sponsored  a virtual shower for her as she really had nothing a baby needs. The response was more than wonderful. She won't want for much for a long time. Gifts came from all quarters including from many St. John's and K of C families.  God bless all who helped this new mom.

Her baby girl is due July 5.

My maternal grandparents were Irish immigrants. I've felt attached to Ireland all my life. I get my Catholicism via my Irish connections. Ireland, for many decades supplied the bulk of priests to a young America.

PRAY FOR IRELAND. Sadly she is losing her soul. In 2018, they stripped away the right to life for the unborn (8th Amendment). Last year, they made abortion legal. Now they are moving to banning even silent prayer outside abortion clinics.  I no longer consider them a Catholic country.

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