Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA. "#8891 Rocks!"
Knights of Columbus | Council #8891 St. John the Baptist | New Freedom, PA."#8891 Rocks!"

Respect For Life Report


The pandemic hasn't stopped abortions in York. Odd, isn't it? When the pro-abortion lobby speaks about the issue they always refer to "Choice".   That, to me, implies an either/or. That would surely fall into the medical category of an 'elective' procedure. But when it comes to Planned Parenthood the rules don't apply. Our state government sees abortion as medically necessary 'health care'. So the clinics keep going only now they have stepped up their game. In the 
past six months we have seen them go from 15-20 abortions on the one abortion day each week to 2 and 3 times that number working 3 days each week. In the past three weeks the numbers were 51, 37 and 43. Time was when PP York would consistently do 850 - 1000 abortions per year.  They are now 
working at a pace to hit 2000 in a year.

One change in operations allows them to dispense the RU-486 abortion pills without a doctor in he clinic. Think about that one. They cut doctor costs and speed up the process. Let me just guess that they will continue this practice long after we overcome COVID-19.

Since they are still going full blast, so are we. We have people on the curb praying on the three abortion  days, Tue., Wed. and Fri.  We'd love to have some of you join us. The regular vigil participants hail from:

St. Patrick's, St. Joseph (York), St. Rose of Lima, St. Mary's, New Life Assembly of God, Community Bible Church (Maytown), St; Joseph's (Hanover), Our Lady of Lordes (Enola) and St. John the Baptist.

On a brighter note, we can tell you that we recently had another turn-around.  A young Hispanic lady came  to PP with her mother. They received offers of help from our sidewalk prayer warriors and chose life. She is  due in July. We are going to host a virtual shower for her and her baby. This will be a big help as she has nothing for the baby at this time. In the near future, we will have a note out listing what we want to get her. Let me know if you want to be on that mailing 

Let me know if you want to visit with us on the curb. Will be glad to be there with you any time 
you can make it.


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